CHART OF ACCOUNTS: I want to classify financial transactions

PROCUREMENT PROCESS FLOWCHART: I want a process for purchasing goods and services

INCOME AND EXPENDITURE BUDGET: I want to plan the income and expenditures of my project

BUDGET WORKSHEET: I want make detailed estimates of project activities

CASH FLOW FORECAST: I want to predict cash shortages and surpluses

FUNDING GRID: I want to match income sources with project activities

CONSOLIDATED PROGRAM BUDGET: I want to aggregate project budgets

BUDGET MONITORING REPORT: I want to compare actual spending to budget estimates

VARIANCE ANALYSIS TABLE: I want to analyze project variances

BUDGET MANAGEMENT ACTION PLANNER: I want to identify corrective actions for variances

DELEGATION OF AUTHORITY: I want to clarify financial responsibilities

4 ACTIONS INTERNAL CONTROL MODEL: I want to manage a system of internal controls

FINANCE MANUAL: I want to document financial policies and procedures

SEPARATION OF DUTIES: I want to create a system of financial checks and balances

The Finance DPro Model

Find out about the organization’s financial system: the central pillar for the planning, organizing, monitoring and controlling of financial resources.

By simplifying the Finance DPro (FMD Pro) Guide down to the 15 most commonly used tools, we’ve made good financial management easier for everyone.

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